At long long last the ground has started to dry up and our horses are appreciating it. Ice Cool Benny ran a great race yesterday in the Hunter chase at Wincanton. We unfortunately seemed to run into every drama within the race but still stormed home to finish 3rd - if only the run in was a little longer!!! Never mind we were really pleased with him and bearing in mind he is only a little fellow, he jumps like a bunny on the better ground.

Unwanted Gift has been running consistently as well. He is a funny horse in that he can run on differing ground but needs different trips on the varying grounds. He also needs plenty of pace in the race. 

Diamond Tammy is looking a useful little chap - although Mr Handicapper started us handicapping on 105 - great I think not!!!

Only Hope is back and taking her work well. Mongress Boy is training well and should make his UK debut in about a month. Sir Pitt made his debut for us at Huningdon last week and ran well bearing in mind he needed the run having been off the track nearly 2 years.

Benny's Quest has just come back into work and Walzing Tornado is buzzing. Over the Phone should be out again soon, as well.

Off to Doncaster on Saturday and Ffos Las next week, so long may the sunshine as it it did yesterday afternoon at Tyre Hill. 

Well I hope you all had a lovely Christmas - we did - it is very hard not too when you have a 2 year old daughter providing plenty of entertainment and helping to open everyone's presents.

The weather and the ground has been absolutely attrocious and we are pleased we have not had a drop at Tyre Hill since 2012 - long may that continue. We don't have any horses that really relish these testing conditions and are enjoying the already lengthening days. We have finally got back on the schooling ground and all the youngsters are doing their homework well.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Welsh National and couldn't be happier to see the Scu's have a big moment. I thought Michael's interview after the race was great - "worried that he might be insulting Mr Carberry asking him to come over and ride a 10 to 1 shot."

Waltzing Tornado runs for us today at Leicester - he made his debut for us at Hereford a couple of weeks ago,  but despite winning on heavy in Ireland he hated the ground at Hereford on that day.

So all and all things are going ok and it really won't be too long before we get into the spring, the daffodils down the drive are coming up and the honeysuckle is in bud - the only concern being when are  we going to get a cold snap!!!

So Happy New Year.



It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is moaning. What atrious weather. Everything is sodden. We should have been at Hereford today and we also hope to be at Huntingdon over the week end - but that is looking dodgy. I believe they are inspecting at lunch time.

Anyway back at home there are plenty of horses in. Jomade and Dorothy Goodbody came in this week for the "hopefully" better ground campaigns in the spring. We have been managing to school the youngsters. This has been going well and it will be great to get them on the track - it is a bit tough on them going to the track jumping out of this ground - but will it ever stop raining? probably not.

Lord Landen made his debut back under rules at Southwell last week and Benny's Quest ran another great race at Ludlow for us last week and is now enjoying a little holiday.

Our younstest team member, Mollie is now regularly in the saddle riding Heidi the Dartmoor pony. It won't be long before Daddy jocks her up in an amateur race. We had fun at Hereford the other day when the Clerk of scales weighed her out at 2 stone!!!! too much lead - perhaps we will wait for the time.

We could be off to Ludlow and Newbury next week but everything at the moment is not just ground dependent, but providing the fixtures go ahead.

Well the last Worcester meeting has now been and gone and we are back to our winter tracks Ludlow, Hereford etc. The horses have been running well. Faith Jicaro is a lovely mare who is as game as they come. She ran a good race at Worcester day before yesterday on ground that really did not suit her. Benny's Quest also ran another consistent race coming second at Ludlow yesterday. It is great at this time of year when all the horses that came in during August and September are just about to make their debuts for this season.

Tomorrow we are off to Stratford with Truckers Princess. We were pleased to see Truckers Benefit, her full brother won again the other day and it will be interesting to see how "Tanks for that" goes this season.

At home we are busy building a new muck bury and re birching our schooling fences. We have had a couple of new arrivals in the last few weeks to include a lovely youngster by Dr Massini and a winter handicap chaser called Waltzing Tornado.

Tyre Hill is getting pretty choca again. Well it that's time of year - and as well as our good old faithfuls, we have some nice new recruits for the season. It has been very frustrating that we never got our quick ground  over the summer or early autumn - but never mind. Onwards and upwards.

We have been very busy with guests in our cottage, many enjoying days out at the races and mornings on the gallops.

Mollie has started pre-school which gives me alot more time to organise things around here. Andy has just finished topping up the gallop, which is very late but we could n't get the massive walking floor lorries during the wet summer.

Truckers Princess goes to Uttoxeter on Sunday and hopefully ground permitting Nether Stream and Benny's Quest will be out again soon.


The last week has made up for all that gloomy weather and lack of racing we have experienced over the summer. The final runners ran in my name at Worcester on the 21st August, which both won and gave me a super double. At that point as much as I would have liked to announce the changes at foot at Team Hobbs, but we were not sure when the British Horseracing Board werre going to grant Andy's licence and low and behold it came the next day.


It was great for Donal (or as we had been calling him "The King of Mongolia") to come straight back and ride a winner for us, after his heroics on the otherside of the world. We had no idea if and when he would be back and had AP booked for the ride on Faith, it was only at the last minute we found out Donal would be back in time to ride.

So we took a little time out to enjoy Mollie's 2nd birthday on the 25th, with family over from South Africa and then it was over to Andy to keep the flag flying and so he did - throwing in a winner at Huntingdon on his debute. Talk about stealing my thunder. We love a little "in house" banter at Tyre Hill.

It has poured with rain here all morning so back to the usual - but never mind we are off to Stratford tomorrow and probably Bangor later in the week. Lets hope the luck continues.

And don't worry and will continue to do the blog page as Andy is much better with horses than computers!!!

The sun has got his hat on hipopiporaa!! (not sure how to spell that!) Well not much racing but my word the Olympics have been absoultely fantastic. The cycling, the rowing, the saling, the gymnastics (now - just where did that come from?) and the equestrian sport - the show jumping - Did you see Harry's Dad, as we like to refer to Mr Skelton - oh my word my heart lurched as they jumped each fence - but wow making history at that level at home in London - absolutely wicked!!!

And the dressage team - having done a fair amount of dressage in my time, to see the quality of the horses and level or riding expertise is unbelievable. Let's not be greedy but hey another gold medal today would be good.

I guess it is time to get Mol up - she has been at nursery this morning and is having a siesta at the moment which has finally given me timeto  totally update the website and the horses in training. We are off to Cornwall next week to stay with Mollie's God mother by the beach - so fingers crossed the weather holds up.

The weather - oh my word the weather, in all the time we have been at Tyre Hill even in the deepest winter we have not known water lying around as it is at the moment. Pretty depressing really. Obviously we like a little rain just to keep the tracks safefor racing, but unfortunately with all the winter horses out at grass and the ones in training, wanting top of the ground it is all rather topsy turvey. I think all of the horses turned away are rather envious of the ones in training in their cosy boxes at night.

Mollie has not been at all well with tonsilitus and Andy's garden, which is normally a display of colour at this time of year is looking a little drowned.

Maybe the sun will come out soon and there will be a little more racing for us all. We must all live in hope in this game.






What a change - where did spring go? and now here we are with blue sky and boiling temperatures. The bar be que is out of the shed along with Mollie's paddling pool, which I have to say is rather nice after a busy day on the yard. We have never been so busy - which is just great. No sooner do we send a couple of horses home, a few more come in for a summer campaign. Lots of new faces both human and equine is always good fun.

The lads are busy starting summer maintenance and Andy can always be found somewhere near the ride on mower. We thought about going to sales this week, but with so much on at home we just keep the video link on in the office so we know what is going on.

We might be at Cartmel at the week end - which will be a first. However we do also have entries at Stratford so watch this space!!!

A couple of days off - (well no jump meetings.) so I have a moment to up date the website. I have just watched the guineas and how sad about Grey Pearl, most of the time we think the flat is safer and there are less injuries. Most of the time that is true but incidents in the stalls, do turn my stomach a bit. Homecoming Queen was rather impressive - how do you win a classic contest by 9 lengths.

A bit of a mixed few weeks, obviously it was fabulous that Unwanted Gift had his chance at Hereford last week in the mud. It was a first winner for Nigel Morris in his colours. Nigel must now be very fond of Hereford, having had a share in The Gripper, when he won for us a couple of years ago.

The weather is becoming a chore - it was only 6 weeks ago everyone was talking about a drought. Tyre Hill is currently saturated and race meetings are off everywhere - boring!!!! My right shoulder always plays up when it is very damp, (old riding injury.) and with little Mollie constantly wanting to be picked up it - it is giving me some punishment. (What do these jockeys feel like as they grow older with a directory worth of previously broken bones?)

Poor old "Jaffa", our 15 year old yellow lab decided she had had enough last week and following a stroke she had to be put down. Andy had had "Jaf" since she was 10 weeks old and it has really been the end of an era. "Jaf" knew allsorts of people, including Andy's Dad, who departed this life along time ago. Good old Jaffa, she had a great innings, she never stressed, never worried, never over did it - we could all learn a thing or two from Jaf!!!

Not much else to say -we will still have horses coming in for the summer. The winter squad are gradually being roughed off. The holiday cottage has been pretty busy and we are just hoping that racing at Newton Abbot and Stratford will be on.

Another beautiful day - and no lie in for me on my birthday, Mollie had us up at 5.30am. No racing today . Very pleased with Buyer's Premium who ran another solid race yesterday at Ludlow. She came second to Court Minstrel, who I believe Evan thinks quite a bit of. We really felt for poor old Sirrell Griffiths yesterday, we used to train a few pointers for him. His horse U B Careful romped home winning by a county mile in the the handicap hurdle - making it look like kid's stuff and then has a fatal heart attack before unsaddling. Gosh who knows what is going to happen next in this game!!!

We have been delighted with our bumper runners recently and just hope the ground comes good for the ones we have n't run yet.

Truckers Princess ran over the top and Hereford and is now on a very well earned vacation and we have now worked out New Destination needs a fair trip on good ground.

Got to go!!!


As I sit here and update the blog the sun is pouring in the window like mid summer. Although tthis weather is good for my spirit and soul it is rather worrying. Andy has set off to Newbury today with Quousko De L'isop, who ran  so well there  last time. We were at Chepstow yesterday where we ran a lovely young horse we think alot of Schindler's Secret - he ran very well considering the extremely smart company he was keeping. What is it they say "keep yourself in the best company and your horses in the worst!!!"

Besides the racing we have a new recruit in the yard a lovely 7 year old called "Hide and Seek" she is a little green but has been put through her paces at home by Paul our chief work rider. She is only 11.2hh and very hairy - Mollie is delighted with her and took to the saddle on Wednesday afternoon. Heidi as she is called thinks she is the "bees knees" arriving in a racing yard, having been born on the southwest tip of Dartmoor. The other equine's were more than shocked at the new arrival. Andy also was n't so pleased when she nibbled the blossoms on the ornamental cherry in the garden!!!

Back to Stratford tomorrow with Vin De Roy and Unwanted Gift.

Got to go - Mollie to pick up from Nursery and Quousko to watch on the box!!!



Yet again - time has flown by and here we are we Cheltenham around the corner. The winter weather caused head aches again with frozen pipes etc etc but at least it did not last too long and today has been almost spring like. 

Andy kept the gallop open throughout the cold snap but has since been very poorly with shingles. Mollie has been keeping us on our toes. She is walking, having a go at talking and it won't be very long before a small equine has to join the team!

We have been very happy with the horses; Truckers won for us on Boxing day. Unwanted Gift has also been running very consistently and we think we have the key to him now. Vin De Roy also won very well at Market Rasen last week end. We have had a bout of "seconditus" as we like to call it pointing - which although it shows the horses are running consistently well can be a little frustrating to say the least!!!

We have some new recruits in to include a nice grey mare Miss Junior,who is owned by Hannah, our new head girl. She is intending to point her herself. Nether Stream has come into training with us and we intend having him out in the spring. New Destination is a very well bred filly who will have a local hurdles campaign.

We have also been very busy trying to get a new venture off the ground -. "The Groom's Cottage" is being transformed into a holiday cottage - and if all goes well will be ready for "Gold Cup" week. Our long term plan is to take guests who wish to enjoy racing breaks in this area - all year round. We can organise mornings on the gallops to include meeting the jockeys, transport to race meetings, papers etc. So if you fancy a long or short break do get in touch - more details will be posted online soon - so watch this space and come and enjoy some of the action.

Oh my word doesn't time fly - here we are with a few days till Christmas and although we now have the tree up - my little side kick, Mollie has been taking the decorations off as fast as I put them on. Well at least this year we are experiencing some mild weather - proper knee deep in mud jumping ground. All Christmas cards saying " Let is Snow" certainly arn't getting pride on place on the mantle piece in our house and are lucky they haven't ended up on the fire after the oh too clear memories of this time last year!

Anyway the horses have been running well and Ely battled well to win a second novice hurdle at Doncaster the other Saturday. Vin De Roy made his chasing debut at Chepstow in some rather hot company, his jumping was excellent and has gone on  to finish 3rd at Bangor earlier this week. Truckers Princess has been out about and we are pleased she now has her handicap mark.  Quousko De L'isop made his hurdling debut on atrocious ground at Uttoxxeter, despite being a little free early on and  therefore found conditions under foot a bit much ran well. Luck defied Kauto Relko again when he was brought down and although his jumping was perfect he had n't put up a bad effort at all.

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us - we are at Hereford tomorrow with Kingston Queen. Then Boxing day we have possible runners at Weatherby, Market Rasen & Huntingdon. The week between Christmas and New Year looks equally chaotic with one of our new recruits "Unwanted Gift" making his UK debut for us.

So hopefully somewhere amoungst the festive period we will see you racing and thank you for your interest and support over the year.

Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year.

Rachel, Andy & Mollie

Oh my word  where has that month gone . What with new horses arriving and some new members of staff things have been more than a little hectic - especially with a little side kick aged 1 and a bit!!!

The horses are training well and the gallop which was topped up in the summer is riding well. We are delighted the rain has finally come and we have been able to start schooling horses.

This is a big week for the yard with 2 runners at Cheltenham. Peterjohn has been in this morning schooling.

Andy has been in his eliment re- dressing the schooling fence this Autumn, (in his next life he wants to be a groundsman - I am sure!!!) I have been busy trying trying tofind homes for our retired boys and that is not easy in the current climate.

Anyway must dash, Mollie is bored, Quousko is on the gallops, the mobile is going and so on and so on and so on!!!

Oh my word it has been one of those nights - Mollie has been up around 4 times, which is most unlike her, and now Mollie and her Daddy are fast asleep and I have been wide awake for about 2 hours - oh well it gives me a second to update the website.

Not too much too report, Andy always gets a little disgruntled at this time of year with so little racing and loads of fresh horses, doing roadwork - never mind!  The yard is filling up fast and I believe we have another intake of new recruits coming over from Ireland at the end of the week. We had a super mare arrive last week, she did her first canter yesterday and well all I can say is watch this space, she has a very smart pedigree and on yesterdays performance an engine and heart to match!

Well I guess you all enjoyed the tributes to Ginger McCain yesterday in the Racing Post - what a lad he was - who else would get away with it ? But onto a more serious note what a great age to reach and to pass away in the same year that Donald won the National, it all adds to that Aintree legend.

We are back at Worcester on Friday with Lady of Synone - she really is a smashing stamp of a horse - it was such a shame that her half sister by Snurge fractured her leg in training last year, we fortunately managed to save her but only for the paddocks as brood mare.

So not too much else to report -I think I will sneak a nice cuppa  before feeding time.


Well another month has flown past and here we are getting all the horses back in again. The summer has been very busy with yard and gallop maintenance in between keeping the summer team fit and well.

Andy, Mollie and I have just returned from our first holiday in 4 years which was a three day break  in Tipperary where we stayed with a good friend and owner. We had a great time and as per normal little Mollie stole the show.
We saw some quality horses during our trip but I must also say that in the past travelling around Ireland there would be a horse in every field, well it isn't like that now and that is obviously a sign of the desperate times in Ireland.

On our return we were straight back to Worcester and were very happy with Lady of Synone's run into 3rd in the 3 mile novice hurdle. Mustow Green also made her race course début in a bumper, which was a really quite decent race The mare ran well and has come out of the race  very well.

Not too much else to report as I need to make a start on the preparations for Mollie's first birthday party. So until next time.

Bye for now.


Well another busy few weeks have flown past. All the chores are getting done. The woodchip has been replaced and topped up on the gallop. The boxes disinfected and painted. The schooling ground has been tidied. We had new 3 horses arrive from Ireland last week and as from next week the new team start taking up their boxes and the new lads start to arrive.

The horses have been running well and we have been delighted with Jomade's progress and it was great to see him get his nose in front, last week at Worcester. We have also been very pleased with Suzie Grey who after her bumper prep run, ran a great race last time out in a 3 mile hurdle at Worcester to finish 4th despite her antics in the pre-parade ring and during saddling, never mind down at the start. Arty Farmer proved himself an interesting recruit to the yard and it was a little unfortunate we missed the last as he was foot perfect at all the other hurdles.

The summer seems to be flying by but at least we have managed to get the bar be que out a few times this year. Mollie is keeping us very busy and amused and is crawling about rapidely. She has also taken to waving to everyone and everything particularly the horses!!! The pony search has begun.

This morning we had The Hobb's Choice crowd in to see their stead. They were in much better shape than last week after all their celebrating. Peter Carberry was also in this morning and we are all pleased he is back and made the most of his time off with a working trip to New York.

Well we are off to Worcester again tonight with Enviromental Dream, who we got out of Ireland earlier in the summer. It will be his debut in the UK so we will have to see how we get on!!!

Well another month and despite quick ground I really can't say what lovely weather. It would be quite nice to chill outside with a glass of chablis and watch the sun go down behind the malvern hills - hey it's only June - maybe one day!!

As you will notice from our entries, we certainly have been travelling the length and breadth of England. Hexham to Newton Abbot. We have a few horses in for summer which is good, whilst the lads disinfect, creosote and paint the boxes and are currently busy topping up the wood chip on the gallop. 

Monty's Moon was retired shortly after the fiasco at Uttoxeter with a slight leg injury and the "Moon beamers" as we call them bought themselves a lovely young grey mare called Suzie Grey. She made her UK debut last night at Worcester and although a little keen certainly ran promisingly for a horse that needs a bit of a trip. 

Mollie has been very busy, besides nursery and running rings around "mother" she excels at crawling and is becoming an old hand at entertaining owners, this afternoon we have taken tea with Mrs Hitchings.

Next week might e a trip to Cornwall to see Grand-dad and later in August a family trip to Tipperary might be on the cards. But for the meanwhile we are all back at base catching up with yard chores and enjoying the summer tracks, especially Worcester and Stratford and we quite like those evening meetings at Newton Abbot.

That's all for now.


Hi there, 

Back again after a good evening at Worcester. A great winner on our home track to start our session at Worcester - wicked! and despite the nail biting moment at the last, Ely Brown did it impressively just as his did in his point in Ireland. He really is a smashing horse in every way, character, temperament and physique. Only Hope remained the bridesmaid (or this time should I say one of.) and La Fille D'Oscar ran ok on ground that she hated but hey she is great little jumper. She will take a much needed break. 

We really have had quite an interesting week, what with new horses arriving for a summer campaign, re-homing the good old soldiers who have done their time in this sphere and deserve a little less demanding career in their twilight years. We have also been on the scout for new horses in Ireland and at the sales. We are also planning our summer maintenance projects to include the construction of a new loading bay. 

We are all pretty horrified at Peterjon's 40 day ban but we are delighted he had such a great spin on Ely Brown last night just before he left the country to go track riding in the States, filling time until he returns to action. 

Not much else for now.